Understanding the Quality of printing

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The quality of the printing as well as the intervals used to carry out this process also prevent the unnecessary expenditure of ink. In this line, it is important to bear in mind that if a quality of the print is selected in a way adjusted to the quality of the text, graphics and images, distinguishing between documentation of internal use and the impressions that are delivered to the client, a quantity can be saved ink.
Related to this aspect is the use of fonts in different impressions. In fact, knowing how to choose the most appropriate font can be a significant saving for the company. Thus, the Garamond typeface consumes less than the Times New Roman. In the same way, you can also opt for typographies called eco, which have small perforations of imperceptible character from which users can save a significant amount of ink over time and uses.

In this section, also, it emphasizes the conscious use of the printers, reason why it is necessary to instill in the company the habit of printing only what is necessary. That is why when you print a web page you have to select only what interests you , discarding ads and other unnecessary elements. The same happens when you have to reproduce a spreadsheet, as it is advisable to select the correct interval.

Finally, within this section you must also keep in mind that another example of unnecessary printing are emails that display private message warning or disclaimer. This is because they legally have a limited utility and the expense of their printing is an unnecessary expense.


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