Tips for saving with printer ink

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The printer is an essential element of almost every office that is tercie. The use made of this element is daily and daily, mainly in certain departments (administration) and activities (advertising, marketing …). This means that the costs generated by it are high, both in terms of maintenance and use.

With regard to this second dimension, one of the most significant items is the one that assumes the costs in paper and, mainly in ink, whether it is used through cartridges or toners. That is why in the field of organization it is necessary to have some tricks to save money on the consumption of ink in the office.

First, it is advisable to analyze the printing options and set them up so that ink usage is the most efficient. This will be able to meet the main objective of the printers when they leave the factory, which is to print in high quality, spending huge amounts of ink.

That is why you can choose to set the printer less unless consuming less ink and toner. For this, nothing better than consulting the printer’s manual (so they should always be saved). If you do not have it, no problem, most computers have their functions in the same places. So, nothing better than go to the start menu of the computer and then to devices and printers. Select your printer and choose the print settings option.

Then you will see that there are different possibilities to save ink: print quality, resolution, black text, toner saving. Always activate the options that mean less ink consumption and, of course, the saving option is activated. Yes

As a second important indicator in this regard, it is important that you use special fonts to save ink, and that you use programs that help you reduce consumption in this way, combining them with each other, which will help you improve your results.

To select the most appropriate typeface, it is recommended that you use ecofont, a hole-shaped font that saves up to 50% of conventionally used ink consumption. Similarly, it is interesting to call ecoprint in this post, because it is an application that not only reduces the consumption of ink but also the level of savings you are reaching.

Finally, it is interesting to take into account the digital alternatives, since the documents used in the office should not always be printed. For this, nothing better than opting for the PDF format, which allows not only reading documents but also making notes and comments that can be analyzed by other users.


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