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Making your own texture business card, way and examples


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Making a special Textured Business Card by steps and examples.


Business cards must be pleasing to the eye that people can’t wait to get their hands on them literally.

Can you imagine that textured business cards have the advantage of being noticed not only through vision but also through a touch more than the normal business cards?

Feeling something different inside your pocket or bag, it would definitely catch your attention and thus do its work more effectively and add more to your work.

Of course textured business cards can be very expensive to make but any efforts and options you will add to your textured business card will give you more, you will give people more than just your name and address when you hand them your textured paper of business card.

We will give you a simple and effective method to trick the eye for your textured business card and just by using Microsoft Word.

Just scroll down and check coming lines all out below. Come, take a peek, and we promise you will enjoy the useful browsing.

1-Open and set up your document.

-First, open your document, go to File > New and open the new document.

-Second prepare your working area options.

-Make sure the width and height of your textured business card are set to be inches in the opening box.

-Just “85 mm x 55 mm” or “3.5 inches x 2 inches” are the most common size for business cards, so set your textured business card to same dimensions; however it is not a lot of space for design.

-Besides being an important point when you make a business card with graphic background and to prevent blank borders from appearing on the final textured business card don’t forget to add 0.125 inches as a bleed area to each side of your textured card.

-Set resolution of 300 pixels/inches.

-Make sure that the color mode is CMYK color / 8 bit.

2- Select a Texture you want.

-The crumpled paper, metal, rough fabric, wood, or concrete are all palpable in appearance and have very physical characteristics so they all very good and suitable suggested materials.

-Of course, you want a determined textured business card so choose only the things that match the card style.


3-Adding elements of your textured design.


-From the previous step we already placing the background of your textured business card.

-As a creative, cool and interesting option, you can add other graphics as you like to embellish your card more.

-Of course, you can add your special own logo also but on a noticed spot.

-You can add more special, smart and classic look to your textured business card by adding embossing and drop shadow with layer styles to the card, also you can enhance the graphics above the texture just by imitating a letterpress effect.


4- Add all needed details to your textured business card.

– No matter the style or design of your business card and also if it a textured business card or not it should include your basic information and personal details.

 – Add to your card company name, your name and your title at the company.

–  And also contact information like your email, your social media, and your phone number.

– Do not cram too much information into the card and only include the essential information, as you do not want to overwhelm the customer.


5-Finally create the textured business card back side.


-By following the last same steps and tips of the front document, create a new document for the back portion of the card.

-Of course, you can use different graphics for the back side but without altering the overall style of your textured card.


6- available ways to print your designed card.


-This is, of course, the last step to have your card printed on just send it to any card printing service and you will receive it printed in large numbers.

-You can also get your textured designed cards by using online ordering; just enter in your textured card design and your paper type as part of your order. You will get your cards printed according to your specifications.

-As a suitable solution for small businesses, you can also print your textured cards at home using a high-quality printer. Just load your printer with textured cardstock and print the cards off in batches. Don’t forget to cut up the cards so they are standard card size using a large cutter to ensure they are evenly cut and symmetrical.


 After knowing how to design your own textured business card and one more time you must understand that the textured business card can show a classic elegance, smart, creative, expensive and that’s going to increase your brand appreciation and it would also stand up from the rest. So we will encourage you more and give you examples for textured business cards to give you ideas and inspirations that can help you for your next business card design.


The Clovestpress textured business card.

This textured business card applied and transformed the MH monogram into a pattern which covers the back side of this card.



Textured Letterpress Business Card.

This textured business card has background printed with a blind deboss to be creative more.



Black and red textured business card.

This is the textured business card is a thick black card stock has a logo which is completely cut out in a stencil like a modern fashion. The amazing thing also is that the background texture and lettering has been created via laser engraving.



Metal textured business card.

This is a very fantastic template of the textured business card, using the silver shadow with the black font add more creativity.



Ink pixel paper textured card.

 We can just describe it as a piece of art, actually great template of textured business cards can easily inspire you. 



Charleston naturally textured cards.

Using soft design, quiet color, and a simple font is great enough here for remarkable texture card.


Apartment One textured Business Cards.

Authentic vintage wallpaper rolls were used and mounted to these printed sheets of paper to give you cool, creative and unique textured business card. 



Bombay bakery textured business card.

Creative idea by supporting the card with biscuits shape is the cool and delicious way of course.  



Wrap up co. textured business card

Using a weave-like texture with a shine finish in this design is a unique and creative idea.



Christian Garibaldi’s textured Business Card

Depending on the yellow lining and the dotted textures are great touches to this otherwise all-white textured business card.



Don’t forget to share this with your interested friends and told them that we give the ways to “create a business card that excites the senses”.


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