Saving paper in the office

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  • Avoid using it whenever possible, for example, by storing the documents in digital format, sharing information instead of generating copies for each person, using the Intranet, emails, telephone, etc.
  • Use recycled paper as much as possible.
  • Avoid printing unnecessary documents or those with lots of free space (eg PowerPoint presentations).
  • Before and print, check for possible document faults and improvements, for example by using “preview”: margins adjustment, efficient paragraph division, correct pagination, reduction of font size, etc.
  • Use the paper on both sides in the photocopying and printing of documents, whenever possible.
  • All internal documents will be printed by reusing paper or by using recycled and double-sided paper.

Save Paper

  • Use electronic media as much as possible to reduce the use of printers and fax machines.
    Reuse all paper that has only been printed on one side to print drafts, make notepad, etc.
    Use recycled paper to make photocopies.
  • Print as draft to avoid waste of ink and facilitate reuse, especially in the case of internal documents, and recycling.
  • Recycle the waste paper, making use of the containers made available for this purpose. It is interesting, whenever possible, to break the paper before depositing it in the containers to reduce the volume it occupies.

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