Re-Manufactured Toner Cartridges

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Re-Manufactured Toner Cartridges
have an Impressive Impact on
Printer Imaging Products
The Quality of Prints & Cost Savings
Compare Equally to New Cartridges

Printer Imaging Products are saving the planet
by reducing the waste that goes into the Landfill,
with Re-Manufactured Toner Cartridges which
Reduces the Price and Gives Excellent Results..

Re-cycle – Re-use – Replace with Re-Manufactured

The quality of your printouts from, fax machines, copiers and Printers is really important because it is going to affect the overall appearance of the documents or pictures. As well as the first impression of your business.

The Future

Toner cartridges play a vital role in being able to have quality documents or pictures every single time.

These cartridges hold either, black or color toner powder for this process. The result is that the ink stays in place and doesn’t smear at all like ink jet printer ink some times does, or recycled toner does in copy machines.

Before printer cartridges were available, these types of equipment had to have toner poured into them. That was a messy process that almost always resulted in toner being spilled inside of the equipment or on the person responsible for filling it up adding to the cost.

Almost everyone will tell you that toner cartridges are more convenient and less of a mess to work with today.

You won’t be able to see the toner cartridge location from the outside of equipment as this is something that is hidden to view inside of it. The exact location is going to depend on the type of office equipment you are working with as well as the model. In most instances though it is very simple to get to.

A toner cartridge slides very easily into the holder position. You can replace within a matter of minutes once you get the hang of the process. The instructions for it should be on the box of the new toner cartridge. You will also find them located inside of the owner’s manual for the piece of office equipment you are working with.

Make sure you only try to install a toner cartridge that is compatible with your specific equipment. This information can be found on the boxes as well. You can do severe damage to your office equipment with the wrong toner cartridge installed.

Pay attention to the warning lights on the machines too, as they will indicate when the toner is getting low and very often when to replace it.

Most toner cartridges will last quite a long time though, so this isn’t something you will be replacing weekly, unless you are printing several thousand pages a week. The busiest offices will likely have to change toner cartridges every couple of months for the best results.

Others will find they last up to a year due to the lower volume of use on their office equipment.

The real question here is.

“What sort of replacement to use”?

There are actually four options for most toner cartridge users…

  1. New Cartridge – Offered by the printer manufacturer
  2. Compatible – Cartridges made by a third party printer supplier to look and print like a new cartridge
  3. Re-cycledcommon term for refilled toner.
  4. Re-Manufactured – Term used to describe a cartridge containing new toner and working parts.

Which is best for you, is really a question of price.

  • New cartridge from the printer supplier or retail store are the most expensive.
  • Compatibles are generally cheaper than new originals
  • Recycled is about 20% cheaper for the cartridge.
  • Re-manufactured. Cost up to 70% less than new originals.

Benefits or strong considerations to the different choices:

  1. New Toner Cartridge are usually guaranteed to work first time and offers a high number of quality prints given a certain page covering of 5% print to page.
  2. Compatibles claim to be as good as original manufacturers at a slight cost savings. Will sometimes drop toner or leak causing poor quality printouts. These have similar claims of 5% per page numbers.
  3. Recycled Toner Cartridges. Not guaranteed by the original printer manufacturer. Often has a 1 in 4 fail rate according to OEM (Original equipment manufacturer) and will often drop toner into the print mechanisms. As well as smudge the paper print quality.
  4. Re-Manufactured Toner Cartridges are as good as new in every instance i have come across.
    These cartridges are taken apart, cleaned thoroughly. The rollers are removed and scraped, as are the scraper blades. New toner is added to the original manufacturers specifications and the unit is then rebuilt – tested and released. Thereby offering a very similar print quality to the new cartridge at approximately 40% to 60% total savings per year and can be even higher. Most re-manufactured toner cartridge are also guaranteed a minimum of at least 3 months with some up to one year!.

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