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In the day-to-day work of office we use objects that, although simple, are indispensable for our tasks. Notebooks, calendars, or filing cabinets play an important role in planning and organizing tasks. Others such as business cards and brochures, presentation folders, envelopes and letterheads play a crucial role in contact and deal with our customers.
That is why it is very important to have all this office material personalized with your logo and corporate design and ready for use.

With the extensive range of office and desk products available from our online press, you can equip your office and your workers with a complete set of tools so they can perform their tasks successfully and even increase their productivity.
From personal cards and standard stationery to desktops and even promotional posters. With us you will find all cheap office supplies, but without renouncing the quality of SAXOPRINT, one of the largest online printers in Germany.

The SAXOPRINT product range – At your service

With our office equipment, you are not only printing stationery, sticky notes or personalized envelopes, you are imprinting the identity of your company, you are choosing which image you want to appear in public with.
The use of the right marketing material, stationery and merchandising material, is able to convey a more powerful image. That of a professional who represents a company with an orderly and strong structure. All this will undoubtedly affect the quality of your work, as well as the products or services you offer.

SAXORPINT offers you, for the printing of your notebooks, envelopes, stationery, filing cabinets and folders, a wide variety of formats, paper thickness and finishes.
The possibilities offered by our online printing company allow you to print the precise and personalized design that you need for your company and to establish the basis of a perfect corporate communication.

The wide variety of office equipment we offer obviously offers innumerable possibilities of use, such as:

  • Corporate Correspondence (Stationery and Custom Envelopes)
  • Paper and official documentation (letterhead)
  • Packages for courses and seminars (presentation folders, filing cabinets)
  • Taking notes in meetings (notebooks)
  • Corporate gifts and merchandising (Calendars, notebooks, notebooks)
  • Presentation of graphic documentation or information of products and services (presentation folders)
  • Workspace or office equipment (Folders, desk pads, sticky notes, posters)

In congresses and fairs play an important role office tools and stationery accessories. With them will be presented to the audience and will publicize its brand to customers and stakeholders, increasing its reputation and local presence.


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