How to save with the printer in the office

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For many companies the optimization of printing costs is a goal that they never achieve. This is due to the fact that the purpose is to save money so that, with less money invested in this heading, the organizations obtain the same result. That is why we will now take a tour of the different options that business has today to achieve this goal.
In this sense, it is interesting to keep in mind that in order to save on the use of the printer, it is necessary to look for the adjustment of all the costs that are part of this process: from energy consumption, to paper, to the different types of printing can be carried out.

Basic tips

Thus, with regard to the basic elements to be taken into account to cut the cost per page of the printer highlights the energy savings of this device when it is in both rest and hibernation. These two positions are values ??that we do not usually take into account but that are a cost notorious for our pocket, especially in the scope of the company, because rarely these turn off and end up on the 24 hours of the day.

In the case of laser printers, energy savings should also be planned at the time of preheating these products require before starting to print. Thus, it is a savings that can take up to 50% of the energy between one model of printer and another, especially considering the price at which today is the kilowatt.

Another of the basics that every business has to keep in mind is the saving of paper through the use of double-sided printing. This way the company gets this consumable to be optimized in every use it performs. In this sense, in addition, it is possible to reduce the weight of the papers that the professional uses, as well as the space that is used to file such documents, as is the case of invoices.

In relation to paper savings, another trick that is essential to put into practice is the use of input trays with different types of paper. In this way, internal consumption prints can use recycled paper while prints intended for customers and suppliers can be made using paper in a superior quality.


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