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The foil business card is the proven way of bringing a touch of radiance to your business.It is a very bold statement to make, but here is why.

In a recent study of 100 SME owners, 87% of them said they were more likely to remember a business if the business card had a glossy shiny finish.

While it seems obvious, it is vital to remember that your business card is the first image, prospective clients have to your business.

The card should not be predictable and ordinary.A foil business card is unique in that its aspect, since uses a shiny metallic embellishment to achieve that beautiful metallic finish.

Details make all the difference. And, the foil business card is an unforgettable card. The premium finishes embellished on your business cards and will leave a lasting impression on the minds of your customers.

It is a question business students and SME owners often ask themselves many times: How to add a distinctive touch to a business card? What will make a potential customer look twice at my business card? Fortunately, there are à priori artistic predilections that everyone has a natural affinity towards.

The foil business card does this in two ways. First, it is visually pleasing to touch and additionally, it’s visually appealing.This card achieves a distinctive finish that immediately brings a touch of class to a business. Why? Because it brings endless artistic opportunities.

Like a painting project, a business card is an art medium. It can be a custom project to make your business stand out. Think of how the metallic finish would stand against a matte black card. The possibilities are truly endless. You can cumulatively improve its aesthetic standards

To further customize your foil business card, one of the most aesthetically pleasing ways to achieve this, is through embossing and debossing. It is a process that creates a relief, by engraving an impression onto the paper. This is an intricate process where you have an elevated relief effect on the card by creating a 3D effect. This one of the sure ways of increasing the pleasing tactile effect on a foil business card.

There are two ways of going about this. The first is where the protruding effect is felt on both sides of the card, and the other way, the pattern is somewhat superimposed against the background of the card.

Think of how the systematic addition of metallic varnishes, would aesthetically improve the look of the card.Be it the brilliant touch, the visual attraction or the tangible quality. The foil business card can successfully combine a wide array of metal varnishes, and relief printing.

With gold, copper, and silver colors, you can essentially, using various an array of other colors. You can easily add a metallic finish to your text or images on the relief and combine its metallic finish.

The foil business card easily oozes professionalism. It shows you pay lots of attention to detail. It shows somebody willing to go the extra mile for your customers.


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