Control the expense of printing and office stationery to avoid surprises

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Have you ever thought how much you could save at the end of the year if you controlled much more the cost of printing and stationery in the office ? It is undoubtedly one of those small, sightless, harmless expenses that, for that very reason, can be a trap . Optimizing consumption and renegotiating contracts with suppliers of this material are two of the most outstanding measures.
The expense of printing and, therefore, stationery in an office depends a lot on the size of the company and its activity . The paper, the ink cartridges and all the material that goes from pens to markers through folders or filing cabinets … With a bad use or bad management the monthly invoice can be too expensive.

In the case of printing, a control must be established . Not only to instill in the staff the need to reduce the number of copies to the maximum (for economic saving and respect to the environment), but to establish procedures for periodic monitoring and to analyze if there have been important delays. In the case of stationery, this review to spend the essentials seems like a measure to take.

In both cases, the need to negotiate the best contract with the supplier must be taken into account . As we talked about a few days ago in a generic article on the general supplies of a small business, you should ask for several budgets from different companies, comparing prices and even renegotiating them as much as possible.

As we said, this can be a ‘plugged’ expense that really is not bulky but with inefficient management and misuse it may be a small plus hole in the small business waterline.

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