Choosing the right Printer Type

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On the other hand, within this typology of expenses must be taken into account if the company will be using laser printers or on the contrary of inkjet . This decision is one of the most important ones that have to be taken since, in general, if the documents to print are scarce and few pages, the decision will be to use an inkjet printer. However, if the organization is characterized by needing to print long runs of documents, the option of the laser printer is usually more effective.

In this regard, the reader should also keep in mind that xl cartridges help reduce the cost of ink printing by half. A decision that will also achieve greater autonomy, allowing to print more pages per cartridge, which brings the cost per page to the laser printers.

In parallel, saving ink can also be achieved through the use of a more efficient printing technology , so that the company can print a larger number of pages with the same amount of ink. That’s why offices can be inclined to use printers that contain printheads with the full width of the page, which are more efficient.

Likewise, the choice of the printer passes through the use of products that carry out impressions more durable than the average of its competitors. These are the result of the use of quality inks, which keep them in good condition despite being exposed to the sun or suffering a liquid spill. Thus, better fixing of the ink avoids reprinting the same document in a reduced time span.

In the same way, if you check documents well before sending them to the printer, this action reduces the failed impressions. But this goal can also be achieved by using print preview, since with this brief step you can discard small formatting errors that could have been committed.


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