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The best business card scanner digital apps of smartphones (Android and ios)


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The Most Unexceptional business card scanner digital apps of smartphones ( android and ios) in our new digital world.

Most Unexceptional business card scanner app


the Most Unexceptional business card scanner app

Recently all of us have smartphones and of course, hope to still our contacts in safe.

Although the tactile feel of a real card just can’t be beaten but still organizing these cards need a new way and technique to make them useful again.

The new technique became in the plenty of apps which help you in the quick, modern, creative and practical way for same purpose we talks about.



1 – EverCard app


EverCard at first of matter is a free to use the app for android.

It’s also a powerful business card scanner which used to provide the highest notch accuracy.

The main idea of this android app is making the scanning of business cards in a simple way at first.

Allow the users to save the scanned business cards quickly and easily secondly.

Such great advantages here in this app:

– It has the ability to sort and choose the scan cards automatically.

– No limitation for the scanning process and moreover that the app can scan unlimited business cards.

– All the scan cards will be saved automatically into your phone’s contacts.

Note: this android app is only available in four languages, English, Japanese.

Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese.


2 – Camcard app.


The camcard app is a classic app but it’s quick, accurate, simple, fast and cheap app.So this CamCard app is a highly-rated business card reader with more than 100 million users.

The camcard app has the ability to exchange and manage business cards easily and also makes it highly user-friendly for marketing experts, and of course business people.

This app can easily scan and store all business cards in a smooth manner. It has two versions for different needs:

 -The free version with entry-level which offers full functionality but can scanning cards with limits, only to 200.

– The premium version, it’s offer unlimited scanning for more efficiency and quality. 

Camcard app main idea is to exchange e-cards when paper cards are not available and let users add important points, notes and reminders to their contacts.

This app also offers easy navigation to the contact’s address on a map as it allows users to access contact information on multiple devices like mobile, tablet, and browsers to make them always available by keeping your scanned contacts in sync and access them.

The camcard app also has the ability to share e-cards, eliminating the need for physical business cards.

Camcard also can snap card photos automatically and flattens them into a readable image after getting successive snaps of multiple cards.

Unlike the other apps you may have to save the contact information to your phone, then do scan step again, but in a camcard app, you can scan needed cards and then add them directly to your contacts at once.

CamCard business card app supports around 17 different languages which including English, Japanese, Hungarian, Swedish, traditional and simplified Chinese, and Russian.


3 – Worldcard app.


It is one of the Most Unexceptional business card scanner app for Android devices and ios at the same time.

The worldcard app is suitable if you want to change business cards from the physical world to address book.

You can use the worldCard Mobile app for different devices Android, iOS, and also Windows Phone.

Exactly like a camcard app, this worldcard has two versions.

Free version for saving one contact per week, and the premium version for saving unlimited contacts.

Mainly the worldCard app depends on the own cloud-based database which syncs across multiple platforms like camcard app also.

You can save contacts to your local Contacts list directly and sync simply with Gmail and Google contacts.

So you can without any problem simply send information from a business card directly to your stock contacts app and of course, you have the ability to list contacts as you like whether by name, address, company, position, and more as you want.


The worldcard app supports around 21 different languages which including simplified and traditional Chinese, Arabic, Czech, and Slovak.


– Just select the language you want manually of each card and then scan it directly.

– Save the card by clicking the picture from your mobile camera.

– Add it to the contact list of your phone.

Here is the important thing that you can use this app to find people on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn simply by sync with Google Contacts to integrate all of your data together, and of course its perfect point for international business people as it will keep their Gmail contacts up-to-date always.


4 – ScanBizCards app.

The ScanBiz app allows you to have unlimited scanning but sometimes with limited contact list syncs. It’s accurate and quick in its card-reading capabilities and offers you high quality at the same time.

This app comes in three versions:

– The Lite version: it’s free and you can scan unlimited business cards by it.

– The premium version: its give you unlimited business card scanning, unlimited calendar integrations, and unlimited address book syncs.

– Enterprise version, it’s gives you features like batch scanning, custom contact fields, and unlimited free manual card transcriptions.

The price here is mainly based on your company’s needs.

ScanBizCards is the creative app with many advantages and features, through it you will be able to export contacts to Excel, Salesforce, and Evernote, and also manual transcription services for cards couldn’t be read by the scanner.

You can also assign all of your saved contacts to groups, customize the sorting fields, then send a VCard to anyone by text or email, add a note, and sync online then simply access your contacts from any computer.

Here is one bad result that the high number of features with the non-intuitive jargonized names caused the app a little difficult to navigate, actually not easy like other apps.

The app can scan cards in 21 different languages including Hungarian, Serbian, Lithuanian, Turkish, and Vietnamese.


5 – Foxcard app

The foxcard is such accurate, simple, easy to use and a totally free app.

This app enables you to identify contacts by their business cards quickly.

Easily you can add notes, photos, texts, important remarks and more options for the card. While using this app you can’t add any digital features to your current business card or share your business card digitally as it is just a business card scanner app and not a social networking tool.

So there is no need to log into any social networking site and also you won’t have to identify anyone on LinkedIn or Facebook to keep your contacts totally private and will remain in safe because of the perfect reads and saves cards through the address book.

The scanner here is working automatically so after you choose the photo of the card it will be snap automatically.

Foxcard scanner is the most suitable choice for glossy and black cards but this app isn’t fast like a camcard app.

Foxcard app supports 9 different languages (English, French, German, Swedish, Finnish, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, and Danish).

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