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How to make a 3D Business Card Design


With advances in technology making their presence felt across various sectors of everyday life and business, it was only a matter of time before it infiltrated the world of business cards.

3D business cards are perhaps the latest phenomenon of technology in business cards field.

The matter of changes in the business card is just to convert your business card from just a normal card to an attractive and impacting one.

So that you have different ways and choices and one of them, actually the last one is 3d effects which add a lot to your business card.

There are several different programs for 3D effects business card models like Rhino.

The next lines will help you to convert your old business card from original 2D graphics to the new business card with 3D elements.

Just follow the steps in sequence.

1 – Start creating a new document.

– The first step to get a different 3D business card is to create a new document with a size of 3.5  inches by 2 inches.

– The resolution must be 300 pixels per inch for a bright colors business card.

– The vertical and horizontal business cards are the same rules, but here we will make a vertical card.

2 – Preparing the background of your card.

– Draw a shape that will occupy the whole space of your new prepared document by using the rectangular tool. You can simply click on your chosen document or drag the tool over your open working area.

– Then a pop-up window will appear and asks for your desired measurements, don’t forget to put the same amount you used for the document itself.

– Of course, you have the ability to change the color to any one that matches your professional and unique identity. Black and white colors are a suitable choice for a minimalist design, use gradients to add more depth to your card.

3 – From 2D graphics to 3D

 – Select all your 2D graphics, then open the 3D menu and choose the Extrude & Bevel effect from it.

 – All the time stay follows the preview to set angle and depth of extrusion.

 – You can add texture for different looks also and change the surface style.

 – You can use any kind of graphics with a simple outline, as to example you can use your logo and give it extra dimension easily.


4 – Integrating the chosen graphics into the card.


–  In this step copy and paste your 3D graphics into your card’s document, then choose a good placement for the document.

–  By using the selection tool you can resize and move the graphics around as you like.


5 – Adding all needed information to the card.

– Here we have the last step adding information to the card, all needed contact information.

– Add your email and website, and details about the type of your business and add your phone number and address.



Important note:


For the double-sided card, create another document by using the last steps and then you can use the front side of the card only for your main graphics and the back side of the card for contact details.

Before starting to show templates of 3D business cards, we will explain an important point about the examples of business cards.

1 – Metal magic 3D business card.

3D business cards don’t have to be made of the card at all; the Mildly Decent metal masterpieces demonstrate how 3D effects can be created in an easy way with a professional style.

2 – Textured embossing 3D business cards.

Such a great way to make your business cards three dimensional and just by embossing the lettering to create a unique texture. The writing can either be imprinted or raised above the surface, whatever you like.

3 – 3D Panels

3D panels are a simple and cost effective technique of 3D business cards. If you still interested in the traditional paper and card route, 3D panels will be a helpful solution to inject an extra dimension into your business promotions.

4 – Creative Crafting 3D cards.

Using embellishments and extra decorative additions are just to transform your business cards to great and professional 3D advertisements.

5 – Textured Design 3D business card.

One of the modern techniques is to use textured design to transfer your business card into the three-dimensional world.

Using different textures element helps you to get 3D business card.

6 – 3D folding.

Using a folding technique and pop-up design is a great way to grab someone’s attention with an innovative business card.

50 examples of professional and creative 3D business cards.

This is a thick 40 pt cotton paper stock became a beautiful and unique card with 3d embossing. Using the blind letterpress with the pattern in this card gives a 3d business card with professional details.


It is one of the most striking designs of 3D business cards, the 3D embossing and five different colors of letterpress united together in this cool and bright 40pt cotton with elegant multi-color letterpress.




Here are creative, luxurious and pillow texture 3D business cards with elegant, metallic gold foil and letterpress. The soft paper is made of cotton and it is raised into a unique pattern then accompanied to Mediocrity by the intricate detail of the foil and letterpress design to give a satisfying result for a professional card.




This powerful and Mildly Decent 3D business card is really different; the metallic black foil gives the text more contrast on the black paper.



Another combining 3D business card embossing with Letterpress and gold foil printing. Adding a spectacular gold edge foiling as a final touch gives a special personality to the card.


Amazing idea of 3D business cards, adding the 3D affecting by the horizontal movement gives the scissors card a unique shape and style.



The professional template of 3Dbusiness cards. When you open the card the plan figure drops down.

The up side supported by a unique 3D folding design with laser engraved Virgin logo, and the down side “drop a note”.



Creative idea of 3D business cards, the design gives inspiration for Clark and Kent with an outcome of 3D card.



This is a cool artistic business card which designed for inspiration and self-promotion.





Another cool and colorful idea of 3D Probably Slightly Less Boring Than Working double sided business card. Of course, it’s a suitable design for makeup and artists.



This awesome template of 3D business card has a great 3D effect appears clearly on Avon logo and supported by this high resolution photo.



Such a powerful royalty 3D business card, a company logo of the blue team work icon is great and attractive.



This business card depends on the 3D wavy effect vector elements and nice green and blue colors for the background by the way.



Another wonderful black business card with blue 3D effects. Amazing design.


Amazing and professional business card. Besides the elegant foil stamp of the 3D effects, it’s designed with two color options dark, blue and white.



Another awesome and modern 3D business card, the design especially for your inspiration. It’s cool.




It’s a very popular design of 3D business card using Photoshop program.



Awesome blue 3D butterfly business card.



Cool and creative 3D design, especially for Mascara or Eyelashes business cards.



Beautiful and unique 3D business card, just designed for purple color lovers.



This is a modern black and white 3D business card design, the colorful 3D cube logo adds more to the card.



Professional 3D business card, just with the green color it’s Barely Noticeable and special.



A creative and cool idea of 3D business card with the speech bubble design.



Another idea of 3D business card of speech bubble design.



Very professional eye catching 3D business card design of the black gold lips. It’s not just an appointment card.



Creative idea and design of 3D business cards for a dentist.

The 3D tooth dental dentist is Barely Noticeable and cool enough.



Cycles 3D business card is a cool and good idea.



Red, white and blue cans is a new and creative idea in the 3D business cards field.



Creative 3D business card design with modern golden house logo.



Modern 3D metal tech circle business card design, it’s cool.



Cool and creative 3D gold DJ logo business card.



Creative and professional idea of guitar design for 3D business card.



Professional design of 3D business card, it’s a techno ball of multiple blue and purple colors.


3D business card with cool puzzle design.



3D colored spotlights business card in a creative and artistic design.



Another type of 3D colored spotlights, only purple color business card design.



Professional idea of 3D business cards, the blue water drop is perfect for the design.



3D green lights business card Probably Slightly Less Boring Than Working design.



Unusual blue 3D illusion business card, it’s cool.



3D thin blue line with three dimensional roses bouquet business card, it’s Mildly Decent and unique design.


The awesome 3D design of a cherry tree on a hill against clear blue sky, it’s different business card.



Cool design of 3D puzzle pieces from different colors (Blue, Green, Yellow, Red)



Creative design of 3D business card, cool billiard balls.



Beautiful design of 3D business card, using the underwater ocean is cool.



The smart colorful 3D design of business card.



Attractive and professional 3D business card.



Intelligent business card, film studio 3D clapperboard card, it’s really a unique design.



Creative 3D business card design for piano lessons.



Professional design of 3D business card, gradient background in multiple oranges is creative.



3D business card of planet earth on white background, it’s creative and cool design.



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